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Cause we Run for a Bib

Curated by Rustom Warden
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Run for a cause is an 8km race in support of Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind where the winner will get one half-marathon bib for the upcoming Mumbai Marathon. 
A run with no fixed routes, no map for reference and an average distance of 8 km! That’s the beauty of the YourCityHunt Cause We Run for a Bib where you get clues on your phone, which tell you where your next waypoint is and you figure out the quickest way to get there. When you get to these waypoints a workout awaits to challenge you and your fellow competitors. 
Curated by Rustom Warden this route will take you through some lovely spaces in South Mumbai as you explore the city like never before, race against your competitors not just with your speed and endurance but with your brains as well.  
The best part is that you are running in support of charity and the great work being done by our Cause Partner – Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind. Part of the money you pay for the race goes towards the cost of the charity bib. 
Priced at Rs. 1000 per person, this race will have you visit 5-7 points around South Mumbai. The hunt ends with breakfast where the winners will be announced and rewarded. The race starts at 6:45 am on Sunday 23rd of October but all participants are requested to report to Mocking Bird Cafe at Churchgate by 6:30 AM latest for briefing and registrations.  
Please ensure you have the following with you to participate in the race: 
1. Phone with browser and Internet connection 
2. Workout clothes with pockets/strap to hold your phone 
Links to our charity partners:
Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind: http://helenkellerinstitutefordeafanddeafblind.org

23rd October, 2016
Start Time
Open to All
Kind of Hunt
Number of Players
solo race
Mocking Bird Cafe, Churchgate


Cause we Run for a Bib
23rd October, 2016

Mr. Richard McConkey has won the Cause We Run For Bib race, as his timiing was 58 minutes 45 seconds. Mr Richard has won the "Bib" to the Half-Marthon Mumbai.

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