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Daily Monsoon Fitness Hunt

Curated by Rustom Warden
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The Monsoon Fitness Hunt is a race around Mumbai during the rains.

The race pits speed, strength, endurance, stamina and your brain against other competitors who enjoy an active lifestyle. Alongside running, the hunt will require you to do multiple activities such as step climbing, drills, gym workouts etc. while solving clues and reaching locations. There is however no cycling for this hunt.

Priced at Rs. 200 per person, this race will have you visit 7-8 points around South Mumbai. The hunt ends at a cafe where you can get a post workout meal.

Starting everyday from 4:00 am all participants should assemble at Oval Maidan.

From there, once all formalities are finished, you will receive the first clue on the ‘MY HUNT’ section of our website and will be informed on the first activity you need to complete. Once this is done, you will proceed to the next point where you will complete the second activity and receive an unlock code for the next clue taking you to the next stop and so on.

For this hunt you will need to get the following with you:

1. Phone with browser and internet connection

2. Workout clothes with pockets/strap to hold your phone

Start Time
4:00 AM Onwards
Open to All
Kind of Hunt
Rs. 200 per person
Number of Players
Oval Maidan

Winners will be displayed here.