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The Cool Mystery of Bars

Curated by YourCityHunt
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“An Interpol Agent has been murdered just outside a famous bar in Bombay…”

Sounds a little like the start of a gripping mystery bestseller you may buy at your nearest bookstore or download on your Kindle and get ready to curl up as the detective takes you through his paces as he tries to solve the murder.

At the YCH Cool Mystery of Bars that’s been specially created for Floh, we have made each you a famous detective and tasked you with solving the mystery and catching the killer. While on the trail of the killer you will pass through 3 bars and a dessert shop in Bandra where you will have to find and solve clues to catch your quarry.

We have arranged for you to be well hydrated during your case with some great craft beers (most of which are locally brewed in Mumbai).

For this bar crawl you will need to get the following:

1. Phone with an internet connection and browser

2. Your thinking cap

3. Your drinking shoes

24 April, 2016
Start Time
6:00 PM
Only for Members of Floh
Kind of Hunt
Bar Crawl
Rs.1299 per person
Number of Players
Upto 4 per team
Elbo Room, Khar

Winners will be displayed here.