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Run Santa Run

Curated by Rustom Warden
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Run Santa Run is curated by Rustom Warden and is a race that pits speed, strength, endurance, stamina and your brain against other competitors who enjoy an active lifestyle. Alongside running the hunt will require you to do multiple activities such as step climbing, drills, workouts etc. while solving clues and reaching locations. There is however no cycling for this hunt.

Priced at Rs. 1030 per person (including taxes), this race will have you visit 7-8 points around South Mumbai. The hunt ends with breakfast where the winners will be announced and rewarded.

Starting at 7:00 am on Saturday 12th December all participants should assemble at Bombay Blue, Kala Ghoda.

So come and compete in a fun race and get fitter before the festive season kicks off.

For this hunt you will need to get the following with you:
1. Phone with browser and internet connection
2. Workout clothes with pockets/strap to hold your phone

12 December, 2015
Start Time
7:00 AM
Kind of Hunt
Rs. 1030
Number of Players
Bombay Blue, Kala Ghoda


Run Santa Run
12 December, 2015

Sumit blazed through the course to win the race in the last few seconds with a time of 50 minutes. He outran Eeshaan who stopped unknowingly just outside the Pantry to score the win. 


Amongst the women Anshuma came first with a time of 58 minutes just narrowly beating out her competition. 


Sumit won our meal for two voucher at the pantry which he quite generously passed on to Eeshaaan and Anshuma won a voucher from Serafina. 


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