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Music Masti Hunt

Curated by YourCityHunt

The Music Masti Hunt is open by invitation only to certain dear friends of Mr. Sonawala on Sunday, the 23rd of March 2014. Starting off at 11:30 in the morning this six clue hunt will test your basic knowledge of South Mumbai (from Babulnath to Navy Nagar) as you solve clues and arrive at those destinations to receive the code for the next clue.

Comprised of 7 clues and therefore 7 destinations factor a time of anywhere from 1 to 1 ½ hour to finish this hunt (depending on your knowledge of the city or your skills at Google searching). The seventh clue will lead you to us where we will be waiting with a menu in hand to welcome you and take some notes on your experiences.

This hunt does have the option of a cheat in case you just can’t figure the clue out, so we hope to see all of you at the finish. In case any of you have any issues with the technology during the hunt please feel free to call us and we'll sort it out (if we can).

a. Please note that the first clue will flash on the captain’s my hunt panel once he is logged in at 11. Hence be sure to be in and around churchgate by 11 so as not to lose time getting to the first destination.
b. Please note that at each destination along with the code you will have to upload a fun photograph of one of your team mates in front of the location.

23 March, 2014
Start Time
11:25 AM
By Invite Only
Kind of Hunt
Rs. 600 per person
Number of Players
2 to 5 per team
Churchgate Station


Music Masti Hunt
23 March, 2014

This team blazed through the intermediary South Mumbai Your City Hunt with a record time of 42 minutes to reclaim first place in what was a very closely competed hunt. 

The difference between the first team and the last time was a very low 18 minutes.

Congratulations to all four of the winners who truly deserve to be crowned champions of the Music Masti Hunt.

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